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tv   Parker Spitzer  CNN  November 1, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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but i'm a new york voter. we have a tough choice here. i know who i'm voting for. >> if he gets as many votes as he did hits on youtube. on election night we're going to show you a lot of this sentiment tracking. we can't describe much of it tonight. we're going to show you how politics has played out in the twitter era. please vote. right now, that's all for us, we'll see you tomorrow. "parker/spitzer" right now. good evening, i'm kathleen parker. >> and i'm eliot spitzer. welcome to our special edition of the program. in our opening argument, the fall classic, is about over, and i don't mean the texas rangers. they may be finished as well. i mean the midterm elections we have been watching day in and day out.
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unless every poll is wrong, the democrats about to take it on the chin. here's the bizarre thing. this is is the best thing possible for president obama. you know why? he needs a foil, he needs an adversary, somebody to fight stand up to and fight against every day. right now the republicans are getting a free pass. they get to lob missiles at him every day without responsibility. mark my words, here's my election night prediction. the moment he loses the house, his poll numbers begin to go up. >> elliott, has anyone ever told you how adorable you are when you're in denial? seriously, only you could take a republican sweep and turn it into a good thing for president obama. i mean, this is nothing but a referendum on obama's agenda and the voice of the america people is quite clear. they have said no. if you look at his approval
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ratings as they dipped through the last year, every single dip corresponds to a major agenda item. >> it's got to turn up at some point, right? >> i think it's turning up in the other direction. >> it's going to turn up. >> in a sense, this is an opportunity for president obama to step up to the plate and be liberated from nancy pelosi. he can be the leader he said he was going to be. >> history will look kindly upon nancy pelosi. there is annie animouse toward her. people will look back an say she was one of the most powerful speakers of the house. president obama has been trying to work with the republican party. they've been the party of no since they got to washington. that will have to change when they have to participate. for the republican party the free ride is over, through this campaign.
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>> i have to take notes. the republican party has been trying to say, speak out of both sides of its mouth. they will extend the tax cuts, we will worry about the 11 trillion $deficit. you can't extend the tax cuts. they've refused to make them, every time on this show -- they've refused. >> look, i mean, yeah, the republican party has been the party, not the party of no, but the party of hell no. >> i -- >> why would you agree to an agenda you completely disagree with. the american people didn't want it. they voted for chris christie as governor of new jersey. they put bob o'donnell in as governor of virginia. during the health care debate who did they elect? scott brown. it was clear from the beginning. look, you just -- the democrats have not been listening. the president has not listened and that's why this landslide is coming tomorrow. now, let me just say this. to be completely fair, this is
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not a vote for republicans. this is a vote against obama, okay? so the republicans have to be careful not to let it go to their heads, not to be prideful because this is actually, i think the cnn just came out with a poll that shows that 37% of those republicans who intend to vote republican are voting against obama not for republicans. >> this has been pinball politics, they've voted against every party that's been in power routinely. there's a reason for that. the real driver here, jobs, jobs, jobs. the middle class has been suffering. they've seen their income declining for 30 years. the party that solves the problem is the party that will emerge with the real consensus, that is is the issue bar none. and that's what we will talk about in our arena tonight. we have ed rendell, not only a great friend of the show. and one of the best political prognosticators around, we're going to start with name that compromise. we did name your cut, now it's
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going to be name your compromise. we're going to have a lot fun with ed rendell tonight. let me ask you this, are you ready to see the end of these shameful, nasty, ugly 2010 midterm election cycle? is it the most negative in history? we'll see how it measures up. president obama implores hispanic voters to punish their enemies. forcing him to take his words back. we'll have the latest on the controversy. >> now we bring in ed rendell. is there any hope for bipartisanship when the republicans take over? i am not big on making prognostications the night before campaigns come to a close, but let me tell you something. if you're on the ballot in tomorrow's pennsylvania senate race, you would be ahead by 20 points. i know you like to hear that. joe sestak is in a dead heat with pat toomey. you are there in pennsylvania right now at a rally with michelle obama and the democratic candidate. how does it look tonight as we go into this campaign? >> i hate to disagree with
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kathleen, she's a smart, charming woman. i think she's wrong about the landslide. significantly younger than me. but i think she's wrong about the landslide. there's a little bit of a democratic undertoe. it's been operating in pennsylvania for the last three weeks. joe sestak went from 12 points down three weeks ago, within the margin of error. dan onorato went from 15 to 5. patrick murphy, one our congressional candidates was down 16. he's now slightly ahead, so there's an undertoe. and democratic voters are getting energized. we're here at penn right behind me, where the michelle obama rally is taking place. i just spoke, and the kids, the young people are energized. african-americans are energized. gay and lesbian voters are energized. hispanic voters in allentown, where i was on friday, are energized. i think all this talk about the republican landslide and the
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enthusiasm gap has worked to get democratic voters to sort of wake up and say, we have to get out there and vote. i'm not predicting we're going to win. no party wins the first midterm election. but i think it's going to be less of a landslide than everyone thinks. i think joe sestak has a chance to win. and i think we're going to hold most of our congressional seats in pennsylvania, which is a real upset. >> let's take a look if we can. we have a camera shot of the rally there where michelle obama will be energizing the base. i have to admire your foert tud, your determination. let me ask you this question. we are starting this effort to name your compromise. the driving issue in the lame duck session and probably going into the early year is going to be the taxpayers in the republican party for those above 250,000 as well. is there a compromise that you see that is possible on that issue? >> yeah, i think there has to be
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a compromise, because we simply can't let it be deadlocked. we can't let the tax cuts expire in the bad economy. frankly, what i would do were i king of the world, is let the tax cuts expire on the rich and keep the middle class tax cuts for at least another two years and let them all expire. we have to start talking the truth to the american people. if we keep these tax cuts in place both of them for the next ten years, it will cost us $4 trillion on the deficit. republicans talking about cutting spending. well, eliot and kathleen, domestic nondiscretionary spending. it's one tenth of that $4 trillion. that's all can you cut from it. we have to be honest with the american people. what i think we should do is a one year or two year at the most delay. and the tax cuts on people earning more than 250,000. let the middle class tax cuts stay in effect phase out the tax cuts on the rich in a year or two.
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compromise on that, and then let's go to work on real deficit reduction. i think we have to get serious on the entitlements. we have to get serious about taxes. >> governor, let me interrupt you just a minute. who among the republicans in the senate could you work with? could you name names? >> well, i've always enjoyed working with lamar alexander, for example, i think he's a reasonable guy. absolutely reasonable guy. i think orrin hatch is very reasonable on a lot of different issues. ken inhofe, he and i authored an op ed piece on the need for infrastructure spending. it's not who, but the spirit. we have to call a time-out on election partisanship. a time-out for the next six months and attack the nation's problems. what you're doing, name that compromise is a great idea, the citizens have to drive that process, we have to get a message across to these and
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ours. >> i always like when prosecutors name names, both on the substance of what you thought could happen and who to do it with. let's take a look at the wlam duck session that's going to start on wednesday. what can harry reid and nancy pelosi do? will they try to get a resolution of the tax issue in the lame duck session? or will this have to wait until january? >> no the only way you're going to get a resolution is by compromise. let's get it over with. clear the decks. have the tax cuts on the richer americans expire, leave the tax cuts for the middle class, and we'll deal with that as we go down the road. the key for america is what we do when the deficit reduction commission makes its report to the congress. the lame duck session is not going to deal with that. >> you have said you would like to be president obama's chief of staff. if you were, what would you tell the president to do on wednesday? >> on wednesday? >> i would tell the president to
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sit down and ask for network time and make a speech to the nation and pledge that for the next year, you are going to put politics aside, partisanship aside. you're calling on republicans and democrats in the congress to do the same, and let's attack the deficit. let's attack jobs and the economy. let's attack our infrastructure, the remaining questions about the two wars and let's do it together as americans. somebody somewhere has to sound that note. >> governor, as always, thank you for joining us. fascinating conversation. we will talk with you soon after this election see what happens and compare it to what you predict. >> don't go away. >> have fun with that younger woman. >> oh, dear. >> dangerous words. >> thank you so much. don't go away. we'll be right back. what we need is political will. i will be the first to say we've been lacking that on both sides of the aisle. but we don't have any choice any more. we can't kick this can down the road any further. >> the problems we're facing are
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welcome back. in tonight's areern innarena, wd by two of the best talkers on tv, ariana huffington. as we've been talking about, republicans see tomorrow as a chance to do nothing less than roll back the entire obama agenda. >> that is right. ralph, let me ask you is, ralph reid chairman of the faith and freedom coalition from atlanta. former florida governor jeb bush said tomorrow is not a validation of republicans as it is a rejection of democrat's massive overreach. do you agree with that? and what do we need to do to get voters to truly commit? >> i do agree with that.
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i think when everyone rolls out of bed on wednesday morning, the democrats are going to be in the penalty box because we went from hope and change to fear and smear, and a lot of policy overreach, the government takeover of health care, the failed stimulus, the doubling of the national debt. the deficit alone is 10% of gdp. that agenda is really going to be sum air illy and resoundingly rejected. i think the republican party will be on probation, they're going to be given another chance to be true to their principles. if the republicans govern according to their principles, common sense values and a forward strategy of freedom that wins the war on terrorism, and doesn't just try to bring us to a stalemate they could be rewarded with a much more
8:16 pm
durable majority. for now, they're on probation. >> ralph, thanks for joining us tonight. we had fun last time, we're going to continue to have a fun conversation. if i listen to you, one party is in the penalty box, the other is on probation. here's my question for you, jobs is is the center of what this debate should be about. if i read the republican platform correctly. the entirety of their platform on jobs, is to keep tax rates exactly where they are. not to raise them, lower them, keep them where they are, where they've been for years, as if somehow that's going to mysteriously create jobs. why will it work if it hasn't worked for the last decade? >> i wouldn't agree with the analysis what the republicans have put forward. it's a four-pronged approach. lower taxes, less regulation, reigning in spending so is the government's not gobbling up so much of our economy. opening up new markets for american goods and products. being a former governor, the
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global economy is critical. we've had free trade agreements with columbia, south korea, and other critical allies in other critical parts of the world that have been sitting without any action whatsoever. we need to have predictable long term interest rates. if you have credit markets functioning. you keep tamms and regulation low and open up markets overseas for u.s. goods and products. there's no reason why we can't turn this economy around fp. >> i don't want to cut you off. ariana is just about jumping out of her chair waiting to respond to you. she's not going to agree. >> i agree with one thing that ralph said, which is tomorrow's results are not going to be a validation of republicans. that republicans will be on probation, and that's a very important message to take away. which many republicans are
8:18 pm
overlooking. beyond that, ralph, the greatest respect, everything you said is just bromide. you did not tell us what you would cut. i would like you to tell us what you would cut. as elliott said, you are not talking about lower taxes, you are talking about keeping taxes exactly where they are. if you're talking about less regulation. what would you regulate less, wall street? you want it less regulated than it's already been. it's very important to be specific, when you talk about freedom and the war on terror, are you talking about continuing to prosecute an unwinnable war in afghanistan which is costing us $2.8 billion a week? i would like -- >> ariana i would be happy to. it's not true republicans are only proposing that we leave taxes where they are. the pledge to america calls for a 20% tax cut on funds left over in the accounts of every small business in america. right now what we do is at the
8:19 pm
end of the year, if you have a small business, we have 26 million of them, that are creating 80% of the new jobs in this economy. at the end of the year if you have less than $100,000 in that account, the government taxes that money at the highest personal income tax rate as if it went into the pocket of the partners. it's not, it's in the business, and the republicans -- >> ralph, i have to stop you for one second. >> number two, in terms of what i propose cutting, first of all, return all the unused tarp and stimulus money, that would save about a half a trillion dollars right there. return spending to where it was before barack obama took office. that would say $100 billion a year. >> ralph, can we come back to taxes for one second? >> sure. >> the only congressman on the republican side who has said something that would balance the budget doesn't do it for 63 years, but he does it. a sales tax, the most regressive
8:20 pm
tax ever on the poor. the republican party will tax the poor more so we can give more money back to the rich? >> what i would point to as i said, is the pledge to america, and let's see what the republican budget is when it's unveiled in january. i think if you go back to the last time republicans were in charge of congress, we had the first balanced budget in 40 years, and the last full fiscal year that bush was president. we had a budget deficit which was about one fifth of what we have now. there's plenty of blame to go around here, as i said, i'm not giving the republicans a pass. but nancy pelosi and the democrats, and i believe harry reid and the democrats in the senate are going to get fired tomorrow. i think we ought to give this new team an opportunity to show what they can do, you'll be pleasantly surprised. >> what is very sad, really, is that this new team has not really proposed anything that will create jobs in this country. and we have now almost 27
8:21 pm
million people who are unemployed or underemployed. we have also under 5 million homes that have been foreclosed by the end of this year. this is the crisis the middle class is facing. you can't take it seriously if it's not addressing what's happening to the middle class. you have kids, you don't want kids to graduate college and not find jobs. >> i'm there right now. but what we tried was obama's solution which was more government spending, shovel ready projects and having government trying to create jobs. government can't create jobs. government has to get out of the way and allow the private sector and small businessmen and women and entrepreneurs and risk takers to create those jobs. you cannot do it when you're regulating and taxing them to death. those policies have failed, they have been totally rejected. and not just by the way by republicans. only a third of democrats
8:22 pm
approve of the job that barack obama's doing right now. a third of democrats. >> ralph, i'm going to jump in here, as a matter of fact, 47% of democrats said they think president obama should be challenged by a democrat in 2012. that says something, and i agree with you and ar rana that this is a period of purgatory for republicans. i think republicans know that. i think they have to deliver or die. the ones i have talked to have expressed a great deal of humility. they're aware this is problematic for them coming up. here's a question for you and ar ariana. we've been pounding all our guests about name your cuts. you have another round tonight. we're switching gears here. we want to know if you can name your compromise. where can you compromise with democrats to make things move forward? >> well, i think it might be possible on the budget if obama moves on the tax cuts and on spending. i think the ball is really going
8:23 pm
to be in the president's court. i don't expect kathleen just to inject a little dose of political reality into this discussion, i don't think there's anyway in the world if republicans gain con troll if they're going to turn their back on the tea party supporters and fiscal conservatives who helped get them there. i think they're going to remain true to principle, that means really cutting spending. will obama go along with that? i don't know. we passed a budget twice. clinton vetoed it twice. he signed it the third time. i think obama's going to be in the same kind of boat. >> actually, i have an idea where both parties can come together. i think you're going to like. >> okay. >> coming together to actually rebuild our communities. that does not require government money. it's happening all around the country. i've been on a book tour including in atlanta. amazing things are happening.
8:24 pm
people are coming together creating their own jobs, helping each other. we need to do everything we can to scale it up and make a meaningful difference in people's lives. >> ralph, i hate to do this, but i'm not going to give you an opportunity to answer that one. i have a question for ariana before we take a break. you and i have both been critical of the obama administration at different times, we have to face reality. two years in, we're facing a battle. if you could change one decision the administration, one decision over these two years, what would it be? >> i would not have prioritized health care. i would have prioritized jobs. i would not have hired larry summers and tim geithner, i would have hired eliot spitzer. >> we hate to end this fascinating conversation, but we have to take a break.
8:25 pm
>> thank you for being here, we will be right back. my opponent is not a witch but she sure has conjured up some pretty claysdy votes in d.c. >> like a fright thing 800 billion to bailout wall street firms and a scary 75 million for fannie mae and freddie mac. [ beeping ]
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the attack ads, the fun is almost over. enjoy them while you can. take a look. remember these? >> my opponent is not a witch. but she sure has conjured up some pretty crazy votes in d.c. >> i remember. >> i remember. >> i remember which party cannot hear the screams of the people, but the whispers of big business. >> i'm not voting republican this year, because i remember. >> barney frank miserably failed as he sat on his thrown as the chairman of the finance committee. the united states has become an utter disaster i don't think there's much you can't wonder why people are voting against. >> whatever happened to civil discourse. surely this isn't it what the founding fathers intended. >> we like to think that
8:29 pm
politics used to be all high morals and ordeals. american politics has always been down and dirty. took actual campaign rhetoric from 1800 and turned it into political ads. remember these words were actually said by thomas jefferson and john adams, our founding fathers. take a look. ♪ >> john adams is a blind, bald, crippled, toothless man who wants to start a war with france. while he's not busy trying to import women from england he's trying to marry his son off. john adams is a hideous character with neither the forceness of a man or the gentleness of a woman. if jefferson wins, murder, robbery, rape, adultery and
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incest will be openly taught and practiced. the soil will be soaked with blood and the nation black with crimes. are you prepared to see your dwellings in flames? female chastity in question. >> jefferson is the son of a half breed indian squall. >> wow! did i really hear that? john adams is a hideous hermadaphrical. >> this is not what they taught me about the founding fathers. this is getting more interesting quite frankly. politics today doesn't look so bad. >> i think one thing we can say about politics. the more it changes, the more things stay the same. >> it is always down and dirty,
8:31 pm
that's why we watch it and talk about it none stop. to see the rhetoric coming out of arizona and other states troubles me. the anti-latino. the elephant in the room -- there is an anti-latino fervor in america. we must push back democrats, republicans, independents and say, not on our watch .
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tonight's person of interest. perhaps the most influential person in the hispanic community right now, samuel rodrigez represents some 16 million christians in the u.s. >> we want to start with comments president obama made last week about enemies while addressing latinos on univision radio. let's take a listen. >> if latinos sit out the election, instead of saying we're going to punish our enemies and reward our friends that stand with us on issues that are important to us. if they don't see that kind of
8:35 pm
upsurge in voting in this election, then i think it's going to be harder, that's why i think it's so important that people focus on voting on november 2nd. >> he said he should have said opponents. president obama was addressing latino community when is he said that. what was he talking about when he said enemies. who are the enemies? >> with all due respect to the president. i'm glad he corrected his statement. the enemies of the latino community are not republicans, republicans are not enemies, they are politically naive and morally questionable. by supporting a native rhetoric. not enemies. >> wow! >> can i say that's damning? >> they're not enemies, they're just really politically naive. >> they're just kind of stupid. >> professional rebellion against the ideas of ronald reagan. the enemies of the latino community are teen pregnancy. poverty, high school dropout
8:36 pm
rate, and some native phobiaism. >> you seem to be stuck in a dilemma, you have great sympathy for the conservativism of the republican party. yet on immigration, you are squarely where the democratic party has been trying to be. where do you think the vote will go tomorrow given there's this big divide. >> there are two narcoticers that stem out of the 2010 midterm elections. first, latinos do not want to stand next to the element. we don't want to ride the donkey, and we're not inclined to sip any tea right now. the elephant gave us a big kick by supporting this anti-immigrant rhetoric. we punished the elephant. the donkey promised this. in the first year of this administration they would pass immigration reform. 11 million people living in the chann channel. this idea that i heard governor rendell mention must be a parallel universe.
8:37 pm
all the polling right now indicates latinos will probably stay home. i'm not in anyway shape or form supporting the idea. i want every american to exercise their civil responsibility. latinos will punish democrats tomorrow because of the lack of the comprehensive immigration reform. >> the latino community tends to be conservative. what do the republicans have to do to win the affections of the latino community. >> we are sorry for tolerating this perceived anti-latino rhetoric. they need to apologize. right now there are irreconcilable differences between latinos and the republican party. they need to reach out. the future, now, mind you, the second compelling subject out this election is marco rubio. you have a tea-party endorsed candidate who may emerge as the obama in the 2012 election.
8:38 pm
very charismatic, very articulate. he may be that person who may rise up and galvanize the latino vote in the election. it's going to take this republican congress that may be coming in tomorrow, to pass immigration reform. that would be a story. >> reverend i hate to do this, let's cut in one moment. michelle obama is speaking at the rally for joe sestak. let's listen to that for a moment or two. >> that is really why i wanted to be here tonight. i felt i needed to be here tonight. because i come at this stuff more than anything else as a mom. and when i think about the issues that are facing our nation, i think about what it means for my girls. and i think about what it means for the world that we're leaving behind for them and quite frankly for all our children. and one of the best things i get
8:39 pm
to do as first lady is to travel around this country and i get to meet so many beautiful children. and when i look into the eyes of the children that i meet, i see so clearly what is at stake. i see it in the eyes the child whose mom just lost her job. and that little girl is worried about how her family is going to pay the bills. i see it in theize of the child whose father has just been deployed, and that little boy is trying so hard to be brave for his younger brothers and sisters. i see it in the eyes of children stuck in crumbling schools, and they know it. and they look around and they wonder, well, what does this mean for my future? that's how i see the world. and i think that's how most folks see the world. and that's something that we all share. and in particular as young
8:40 pm
people, i don't want you all to lose sight that fact. that is what we share, that regardless of where we're from, or what we look like or how much money we have, we all want something better for our kids. and i know that was true in my family growing up. that's why after my father was diagnosed with ms, he hardly ever missed a day at work at the city water plant. no matter how sick or how tired he felt he just kept going because he wanted something better for me and my brother. the same thing was true in barack's family. that's why his grandmother would wake up before dawn every morning to catch that bus to her job at the bank. even when she was passed over year after year for promotions because she was a woman, she
8:41 pm
rarely complained. because she knew she was doing what she had to do for barack and his sister. you all know someone like that in your lives. that is what the american dream is all about. the fundamental belief that even if you don't have much, if you work hard, if you do what you're supposed to do, can you build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your children. but for too many folks. the dream feels like it's slipping away. for years now, middle class families have seen their incomes falling while the costs of things like health care and college tuition have gone through the roof. i can get an amen on that from this crowd. this is something that barack and i heard in every corner of the country during the campaign. folks asking themselves simple
8:42 pm
questions. are we going to go broke if we get sick? what if we can't pay the mortgage? then what do we do? how will i ever afford to send my kids to college if i'm not rich? how will i be able to give them the same chances that i had? folks all over the country worrying that maybe that fundamental american promise was being broken. and worse yet, no one in washington was listening. and that is why my husband ran for president in the first place. you see, because barack knows that his life, just like mine is only possible because of the american dream. and he knows that keeping that dream alive and within reach for all americans is what we have to do. that is what drives him every single day. that's what keeps him up. see, and that's why, folks like
8:43 pm
you across this country join this campaign. and i think that's why you and i are here freezing tonight. see, we're not here just because of an election. we're here to renew that promise. we're here to restore that dream. we're here because we believe in some very simple truths. we believe that no child's future should be limited because of the neighborhood they're born in. we believe that in america, if you get sick, you should be able to see a doctor. we believe if you work hard, you should make a decent wage and have a secure retirement. we believe in simple things. we believe that if you fulfill your responsibilities every day, you should be able to provide for your family.
8:44 pm
just like my folks did. and have opportunities to pursue your dreams and leave something more for your kids. just like we're all trying to do. that's all we're trying to do. see, and that is the vision we all share. don't be confused. that is what connects us. it is the same vision that my husband fought for as a young community organizer all those years ago, trying to bring jobs and hope to struggling neighborhoods on the south side of chicago. it's the same vision he talked about all those months on the campaign trail. and trust me, it is the same vision that has guided him. it is the change he's been fighting for every single day in the white house. >> okay, we're listening to mrs. obama. she certainly brought passion to the pulpit, she's delivering a message about how to rescue the middle class. do you have faith that president
8:45 pm
obama can deliver? >> he can deliver. i think at the end of the day, the democrats and the obama administration misread the 2008 election. the election came out of the independents and moderates saying it's time to govern from the center. i think the administration took a sharp left turn. they will move more toward the center, they will attract more what tino voters. can we be promiddle class and probusiness instead of either/or? i think that's the message that propelled president obama to succeed in 2008. >> in that vain, with the likelihood the house will be republican, what's the particular issue the president should pick up wednesday morning? what is the answer to that issue, how would you drive it forward to fit the particular remedy? what is it precisely? >> it's the economy, i personally favor extending the bush tax cuts.
8:46 pm
i do believe right now it's critical to address unemployment. it's critical to address the dire circumstance economically. immediately day one, president obama meets with the income leadership of the republican congress, all things being equal now. let's look at a compromise. it's the art of compromise. it must be done now sooner rather than later. and in utopia, address immigration reform without a doubt. the republicans must address immigration reform. republicans will probably be celebrating the day after the election, absolutely, but 2012 is around the corner and you will not win the latino electorate unless you pass immigration reform. >> elliott and i are on your team when it comes to compromise, and we hope washington is listening. thank you so much. for being with us. we'll be back see knew a few minutes at our political party. don't go away.
8:47 pm
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call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. it's time for our political party. a conversation with people with strong opinions and a whole range of guests. we have ryan lizza. john ridley. thank you both for joining us. >> we also have stacy shin, a pulitzer prize winning author. congratulations, stacy. my question is, did you find any new witnesses to talk about cleopatra? >> no, neither the witnesses or diaries turned up. it's actually nonfiction, isn't
8:50 pm
that shocking? >> this is our last political party before the election. it's never too soon to go ahead and place blame. we're going to precriminate. >> who's to blame, and what did they do wrong? >> if you want one suspect, blame the founders. they created our system in washington that seems to frustrate the american electorate. the senate is is the place where the dynamic is frustrating the electorate out there. >> the republicans -- you blame the founding fathers? >> it's operating how they wanted it to, but it's causing a lot of from ustration. >> i would say what we're going
8:51 pm
through is the typical process that happens in a midterm election. one side has picked it up and sid, look, what's changed -- >> somebody who doesn't think something is wrong. >> people whether it's reagan, clinton or barack obama they had a lot of expectation that hasn't been lived up to in two years. what a surprise that ten years of bad policy hasn't been done in 20 months. no major change in the senat and no major change -- >> and no -- >> we're waiting to see. we believe a lot is going to change. >> improvement over 200 years ago. >> i think you're talking about a major change, when that happens, it's usually about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> it's a case of timidity. where was the stimulus, what do we do about getting jobs for people. >> this administration has been
8:52 pm
continuity you can believe in. next question, wednesday morning quarterbacking, what is going to be obvious that we're not seeing yet. >> i think the senate will be more republican than people are expecting right now. it could be 5050. i think a wave, all those close seats tip. >> i think the big headline will be the polling is an inexact science, people will be surprised. polling is getting behind the times, so much based on land lines, kids, minorities, urbans they're going away from land lines. >> have you ever been polled? >> i used to work for a polling -- i can tell you how bad polling is. >> would you tell the truth? >> i wouldn't necessarily tell the truth, and they also know
8:53 pm
they're being polled. the way these polls are delivered, the warning, just a couple words can really change -- >> they have gotten more accurate over time. i've seen the good and bad in the middle of campaigns. they are getting better anyway. >> never been polled. i'd say it's good to obliterate your enemies, that's something this administration has not done. they've been very civil and polite, it's not been a good idea. >> they've been too nice? >> yeah. i would say, here's what we're doing. your tamms did go down. where does health care go anyway? can you explain health care to me? >> no. >> could you do it? >> there's some great things that happened. >> we can ask nancy pelosi. >> it was good on coverage, bad on cost control. nothing in terms of tort liability. they should have done that, it was a good bill. >> so a bad bill. >> no, a good bill. ryan john and stacy, thank you
8:54 pm
for being here. we'll be right back.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
now it's time for our p.s., after all this mud wrestling with the midterm elections we thought we'd like to step back and take the long view. >> in 1776 when america became the first modern democracy, 2.5 million people out of 800 in the world, less than one half of one percent. today freedom applies to nearly 66% of the world's population in some shape or form. democracy, it's a good idea and it's catching on. >> look at all that green. >> good stuff. make sure you vote tomorrow. we'll be right back. ♪ an accidental touch can turn ordinary into something more. moments can change anytime -- just like that.
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